Historic Seminole Heights  ....located in the heart of Tampa

CONNECT Seminole Heights
Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association
Southeast Seminole Heights Civic Association
South Seminole Heights Civic Association

Neighborhood Blogs/Forums
Alan Snel's Bike Stories
Culinary Sherpas
Evelyn City blog
Hot Topics
Life in Seminole Heights blog
Official Unofficial Seminole Heights blog
Re/Creating Tampa blog
Seminole Heights blog
Seminole Heights Lost and Found

Neighborhood Organizations or Clubs
Business Guild of Seminole Heights (BGOSH)
Friends of the Library (Seminole Heights Branch), Pat Benjamin (813) 234-2449
MetroCenter (GLBT)
Seminole Heights Bike Club
Seminole Heights Community Garden
Seminole Heights Foundation

Neighborhood Faith Communities
Common Ground Christian Church
John Calvin Presbyterian Church (6501 N. Nebraska Ave.; 813-236-0941)
Metropolitan Community Church, Tampa
Northeast United Methodist Church (6400 N 15th St; 813- 238-4359)
Seminole Heights Baptist Church
Seminole Heights United Methodist Church
St Francis Episcopal Church (6907 N Nebraska Ave; 813-238-1098) 
St. Paul Lutheran Church
Tampa Baptist Church
Church of Christ, Nebraska Ave. (4608 N Nebraska Ave; 813-238-4061)
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